River Edge Ranch, Gatesville, Texas

Veterinary Reproductive Services

Shana Thoms, DVM

Reproductive and other routine veterinary services are available at River Edge Ranch.  I have an ultrasound and will happily provide reproductive services for your mare.  I deal in fresh shipped semen, live cover and difficult mares.  I'm afraid that at this time, I do not have the manpower to deal with frozen semen. 

I have a breeding dummy and can provide stallion collection services and ship semen. 

Stallions standing at River Edge Ranch for 2014 are:

Man in Motion (TB stallion)

Goodson (Hanoverian stallion - on lease)

Stallions available locally, through close association are:

Frenchman's Roan Jet (performance QH stallion)

Sir Henry Lioncrest (Friesian stallion)

Please inquire if you are interested in any of these services.